Healthy Eating for Children and Babies

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Healthy Eating for Children and Babies

Healthy Eating for Children and Babies – 1 (Fluid Consumption)

A-) Fluid

The vital part of the nurtition and being alive is the level of water in our bodies. The water content of the bodies in children are 10 – 20 % more than the adults. It’s because the skin and water resistant tissues are more than adults and the organs like bones which stores inorganic materials are not fully developed. Therefore the level of the water in newbirths are 70 – 75 % of their body. It decreases as the human gets older. The babies who born earlier than normal period need water much more. It’s because their loss of water by skin and respiration (secret loses) are more than normal situations.

If the baby borns in normal period that the body level is relatively more wide. And also because of the high level of respiration and thin skin with premature babies, the loss of water is much more than normal babies.

A new baby loses their 10 – 15 % water in his/her early days. This is called physiologic weight loss.  This is a normal loss and completely physiological.

A healthy nursing infant should consume water 10- 15 % of his/her weight. In adults it’s 2- 4 % of their weights. So an adult should consume between 1.5 and 2 kg of water in a day. And a baby who weights 10 kg should also consume 1 – 1.5 kg of water in a day.


Amounts of the water to be consumed by age
Age Daily water consumption (ml/ day)
3 days 80-100
0-6 months 130-160
6-12 months 125-145
1-4 year 110-135
10 year 70-85
18 year 40-50




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