What are the duties of albumin? What are the benefits of it?

Albumin is the transportation unit of the blood. It provides the connection of the materials among tissues and organizes oncotic pressure of the blood. The duties of the albumins are:

1) It forms the 74 % of oncotic pressure. So it takes the water in the blood in the vein bed.
2) It has an important duty in fat metabolism by carrying fat acids.
3) By inducing free radicals, it prevents them destroying the tissues.
4) By conducting bilirubin and some toxic materials, they transport them to the kidney and provides toxic materials in blood.
5) It provides transportation of some vital hormones such as sex steroids and thyroid hormone.
6) It connects some vitamins like B6 and carries them.
7) It may also balance the acide and alcali.

It has an important role in homostatic balancing.

What is Hipo Albuminemi? What are the signs of Hipo Albumeni?

HipoAlbumeni happens when the albumin level in blood comes under 3.5 g/dl. Especially when the level of the albumin comes under 2 g/dl,that water in the vein overflows as a results of the decrease of oncotic pressure in veins. The overflown water causes edema. As a result the tympany in foot becomes evident. Then the transportation of the materails degenerates and as a result not enough materials reach to the tissues.

What are the reasons of Hipo Albuminemi?

1) Liver illnesses such as cirrhosis and heavy infection diseases
2) Nephrotic syndrome, enteropadies which loses proteins, advanced burns and high blood loss.

3-) Protein Malabsorptions ( Protein Absorption Failures )

4-) Malign Tumors Hyper Tyroids

5-) İdiopathic

6-) Genetic. There are various albumin. As a genetic, it forms as a hipoalbumin table but it doesn’t give symptoms and it doesn’t cause illnesses.

7-) Relative hipoAlbumin which appears in pregnance as a result of increase of plasm.

In the periods of polydipsia of Diabetes Insipitus, it can be seen HipoAlbumin as a decrease of blood concentration.

What is Hyper Albumin?

HyperAlbumin appears when the albumin level in blood goes over 5.0 g/dl. It appears as an increase in blood density or as a result of paraproteins mechanism.

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