Healthy Eating for Children and Babies – 1 (Calorie Needs and Protein Requirements)

Healthy Eating for Children and Babies – 1 (Calorie Needs and Protein Requirements)

A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. 1 kcal = 4 calorie. The need of energy changes according to the child’s age. At first year, the amount of the calorie that baby should get is 100-125 kcal/kg’dır.

Energy Requirements:

Children over 10 kg should get at least 1000 kcal and 50 kcal/kg for every kg.
Children over 20 kg should get at least 1500 kcal and 20 kcal/kg for every kg.

The energy is spent for those things: 50 % for basal metabolism, 10-15 % for physical activities and 20-25 % for growth. The remaining 5-10 % of the energy is lost by stools.

In normal nutrition, what should be the sources for energy?

In normal nutrition, energy source should be as in the following chart:

50 % from carbohydrates, %50, 30-35 % from fats, 15-20 % from proteins.

1 gr carbohydrate = 4 Kcal energy, 1 gr protein = 4 Kcal energy, 1 gr fat= 9 Kcal energy

Proteins and Aminoacides

Proteins are organic molecules which forms the building blocks of the body. There are 20 aminoacides. 10 of those are essential aminoacides( Fenilalanin, Valin, Triptofan, Tireonin, İzolösin, Metionin, Histidin, Arjinin, Lizin, Lösin ). Essential aminoacides are taken outside because they are not produced in the body. In the lack of essential aminoacides the growth rate decreases. Non-essential acides are not necessarily to be taken outside. Because the infant growth rate is faster, histidine and arjini are among essential aminoacides. In adults and kidney disease patients histidine, in liver patients tirozin and sistin are semi-essential.

So What are the source foods for those aminoacides?

Egg (100), meat (90), fish (90), milk (85), potatoes (65) and  leguminous seeds (65) are some of the foods that have high biological value. The biological value of the bread is so low (30). Most of the fruits and vegetables have low biological value. When meat is too expensive, leguminous seeds are good choice for proteins. Leguminous seeds are rich in lysine.

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