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Hepatitis is a liver disease which is known as icterus among community. It causes cells of liver pyogenesised. There are various reasons for hepatitis. Those are; viruses, alcohol, drugs, autoimmune reasons, toxic materials.

Ways of Contagion

It’s not spreaded by oral or fecal. The decayed skin has in important role in the contagion of the virus.

Tranfuse of blood and blood products
Using the same injector for more than one person
By joint use of personel materials such as razor, tooth brush and shaving machine
Through the placenta from mother to baby
To intervene with not sterilised surgical instruments
Unprotective sex


The virus is thrown away from the blood after 5-6 months of entering the body. Those people won’t be Hepatitis B when they encounter again because they are immune to them. 10 % of the virus stay in the blood. Some of these people continue their lives as a solid carrier. But for some others it turns out to be chronic hepatitis. Treatment and follow up has an important role in this process. Treatment chance is 90 % in this illness.

Ways to Protect Against Hepatitis B

Immediately after birth, first vacination should be done in 1-2 days. Then in the first and second months, revaccination doses are done.
Babies who are born by a mother with hepatitis should immediately have vaccination and hypergummun
All individuals without Hepatitis B vaccine should have vaccination.
Before marriage, having vaccination for Hepatitis
Not using personal care items
To avoid from unprotected sex

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a liver cancer which is caused bu HCV virus. Hepatitis C causes pus in the liver. 85 % of the people who are affected by HCV are developing chronic infection. The symptomps of the infection may not be seen on everybody. On some people, this infection causes cirrhosis. Over the world, almost 170 million people have this virus. This virus may not give sign for 20 years so the intervention could be late.

Ways to Protect Against Hepatitis C

Scientist haven’t found an injection for Hepatitis C yet. The injections are in the trial phase at the moment.
Hugging, kissing, coughing and shaking of hand, using same kitchen materials, same spoons and glasses etc doesn’t spread the virus. It’s transmitted by blood, sexual relations and through mother to baby by placenta.

Treatment of Hepatitis C

In extreme cases, liver transplantation is a way of treatment. Today, a lot of people have this treatment way.


The bacteria which is called treponemapollidum causes this illness by sexual relations. When the treatment is late, the bacteria spreads in the body and most of the organs lose their functions.
This disease is transmitted through the blood by penis,vagina, anal or oral ways. It gives symptomps in between 10 and 90 days. One or more painless and open-top sores which are called chancre appears on the body. Then the germs are spreaded in the body through blood.
Chancres may disappear after a few weeks but it doesn’t mean healing. If the patient isn’t treated, bigger problems would appear.
If the sores are not treated in 3-6 weeks, they could spread other parts of the body.
In pregnancy it would transmitted to the baby. The risk of infection is very high. The risk is 70 %. The majority of those pregnant women lose their babies by stillbirth or early infant death.

The Treatment

It can be easily treated with penicilin. After one day of the treatment, infectivity is lost. Never use drugs without your doctor’s advice.


This disease is caused by aidshiv germ. When the hiv virus enters the body, the body’s immune system against germs is destroyed.
Since the resistance is decrease, the person would get ill easily when the germ enters the body.
Tuberculosis, thrush and other groups of bacteria and yeast infections occur. If a person have more than one of those illnesses, AIDS should be doubted.


We can’t say that HIV is only spreaded by prostitues, drug addicts or homosexual people. Aids is not the illness of a group of people. It can spread to anybody. Scientist haven’t been able to find an injection for it yet.
It can be transmitted easily by sexual relations. So you shouldn’t have unprotected sex.
In blood transfusion, blood test must be done to avoid it.


The treatment can optain very positive results, but early diagnosis is very important.
Antiviral drugs have a good chance of treatment methods of double or triple double.
The aim of the treatment is to protect and strengthen the immune system, to lower the death rate and improve the life quality.
The treatment should be continued uninterrupted control of physicians.


İnt. Doctor Ahmet Bahadır UÇAR  



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