Staying Slim, Supressing The Feeling Of Hunger

Staying Slim, Supressing The Feeling Of Hunger

Mr. Umutcan Question:



I was curious to know the foods and natural supplements that increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach issue. For the sake of my health, I have reduced the daily amount of my meal, but this time I had to struggle with the feeling of hunger and appetite. I am trying to eat fiber-rich food, and I even got psyllium fiber supplements. These are beneficial, but but they do not provide a complete satiety. I heard a substance called synephrine, but I am not sure if there are any side effects of it.

How can I cut my appetite with a medically harmless, pure and a natural product, or with an any other substance?

All I want is to lose a bit of my appetite, I do not want to stay hungry all the time. Thank you in advance.


Dear Mr. Umutcan,


You addressed to a good point. First, I want to talk about an experiment. The name of the experiment must be Andy experiment. The experiment consists of 2 group of parrots. The first group of parrots are fed normally. The other group eats the same food with an energy decrease of 30%. The results are surprising. Because, the group eating food with less energy survives 20% more than the group eating normally. This experiment is tried for a few animal varieties as well, and the outcome varies between 10-20%.


And if we apply this situation directly to humanbeings, we see that it’s hard to see a 90 years old obese. Most of the people around this age have always had a regular eating habit in their entire life. I, personally, have not met with an obese, 90 years old, even 80 years old person.

Ofcourse, life expectency is not all about environmental or genetic factors, but it is also about eating habits.


About the slimming pills all over the market. These pills are usually sold in the market frequently, but right after a complication, they are withdrawn fastly. Since, obesity is the disease of this era, people are desperately buying these pills, and they encounter unpleasant surprises. Synephrine was also one of these pills approved by FDA, but the results of it have been a complete disaster. Afterwards, FDA made the manufacturer to withdraw the product from the market because of many complications of the pill. Later on chilli pills, and pills like those have also been on the market, but they have been withdrawn quickly as well. These pills generally

effect the sympathetic nervous system and overwhelm the metabolism, and these lead to symptoms like palpitations, and high blood pressure. As far as I give credit to any of the courses of pharmacology, I certainly do not recommend these kind of pills. Because these pills can cause deadly situations, heart failure, and some psychological symptoms. Please do not be affected by the advertisements, and their bad influence. As far as science concerned, there is one effective pill for getting slimmer. However, this needs medical observe, and I will not give pill’s name and cause an abuse of it in public. Lastly, I would recommend an healthy diet over these kind of pills, and I do have some suggestions in this issue:


1) Increase the use of fiber products: This will not only protect you from gastrointestinal system tumors, but will also create a fullness feeling. Since, fibers are not digested fully, they will not increase blood sugar, and cause gaining weight.


2) Eating fruit before meals, about 1-1.5 hour, will increase your blood sugar, and create fullness feeling. This will lead less food consumption.


3) Drink plenty of fluids, 10 to 20 minutes before dinner. This will also create a fullness feeling, and reduce the amount of you eat. These fluids could be water, or tea-coffee containing little sugar.


4) While eating, always stay away from activities such as sitting at a computer or watching tv.


5) Eat your food with small bites and in a slow way. Remember the 10-20 minute rule. No matter how much you eat, after 20 minutes your brain will automatically feel full.


6) Be careful not to skip meals.


7) Do not fill all your spoon. Remember, if you eat your meal with half of the spoon, it will increase the time you eat them all.


8) Exercise 30 minutes a day. Exercising the body will raise the serotonin level, and it will especially decrease the appetite of people suffering from depression.


These are the advices I can give you at the moment. The text is completely original and I will publish it in my website. I hope I helped.


Int. Dr. Ahmet Bahadır UÇAR Editor



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