What is Fibrinogen?

What is Fibrinogen?

Fibrinogen is responsible in clotting of the blood. A normal levels for fibrinogen are between 200 and 400 mg/dl. Fibrinogen, which is synthesized by the liver is one of the most important factors in clotting of the blood. Fibrinogen normally appears in the blood in inactive form. When clotting steps begin, fibrinogen connects with ionized calsium and then transform to the active form. This fibrin prevents bleeding from destroyed vein or tissue. As a result the body protects itself.

If it weren’t those fibrin stoppers, humanbeings could die even with a small cut. As everything, more fibrinogen is harmful because it clots the blood in vein and it may cause embolism. The lack of fibrinogen causes no clotting long time. And it’s a big risk for bleeding in brain, skin and joint. Fibrinogen, which forms  6 % of  the blood plasm is synthesised by liver.

What is Hipofibrinogen? What are the signs of hipofibrinogen?

Hipofibrinogen (Lack of Fibrinogen): It’s the situation when fibronegen decrease under 200mg/dl. The signs of the hipofibronegen are constantly bleeding of the destroyed tissues,purple spots on the skin, bleeding in the muscelar, bleeding in the joints, bleeding in the brain. Especiallly because of the brain bleeding, the risk of death, coma, confusion and morbidity increased. So the level of fibrinogen in the blood is like a knife which has two sharp sides. The clotting elements of the blood are parsed with wpecial techniques and given to patients with bleeding. In this process, the clotting factors of the blood are parsed with special techniques and a material called kriyospitat appears. This material is given to the patients with bleeding. This aims to halt bleeding of the patient.

What are the reasons hipofibrinogen?

 1-) The failure of liver synthesis

 2-) Konj. afibrinogenemia

 3-) Decrease in the coagulopathy consuming

 4-) Malnutration

 5-) Pulmoner Embolism

 6-) Clotting in the common veins

 7-) Advanced carsinomas

What is Hyperfibrinogen? What are the signs of hyperfibrinogen?

Hyperfibrinogen: It’s the stuation when the fibrinogen levels increase over 400 mg/dl. The signs of hyperfibrinogen are ebmolism in the brain and as a result of this confusion, coma, palsy and death. embolism of the heart veins and as a result the increase in the risk of heart attack. The death of tissue as a result of lack of blood. As I said before, both the lack of fibrinogen and over fibrinogen are harmful.

What are the reasons of Hyperfibrinogen?

 1-) Increase in the clotting factors as a result of pregnancy

2-) Sistematic Lupus Eritamatozus

3-) Romatoid Artrit

4-) Smoking

 5-) Continuous trauma

 6-) Genetics

 7-) idiyopatik hemokromatoz

In the cure process it is used low level heparin, kumadin and ACE inhibators


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